Afghanistan, the first governor: «The withdrawal of US troops? A big mistake “

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The withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan? “A big mistake”, an “irresponsible” choice. This was stated by Habiba Sarabi, one of the reformers of post-Taliban reconstruction and the first woman to govern a province of Afghanistan (in 2005 she was appointed governor of Bamiyan), who was in Doha, Qatar, when the Taliban took the power. She has now moved to the Turkish city of Izmir, where she lives with her son, and has been interviewed by France 24. According to her, now it is up to the international community to “correct” that grave error of US President Joe Biden and “leverage” the Taliban to respect fundamental human rights, including those of women.

“In rural areas, the Taliban are capturing and killing people,” he added. “Women can’t go out. The Taliban do not believe in the rights of women or human beings in general, this is why it is difficult to try to talk to them ». And, again, according to Habiba Sarabi, the Afghans did not expect US troops to remain forever, “but, at least, the withdrawal of the troops could have been done differently».

Former Pennsylvania Senator Scott Wagner also publicly took sides against Biden’s choice, who, along the streets of Pennsylvania, posted placards showing the American president dressed in Taliban clothes and with a rocket-propelled grenade in his hand. , and the comment: “Make the Taliban great again(The phrase, of course, follows the slogan of former President Trump, “Make America great again”).

Wagner says he felt the need to express his opinion because the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the surprisingly rapid collapse of the government with the takeover of the Taliban were “An absolute disaster, a tragedy”, especially for that generation of Afghans and Afghans who grew up in a country that granted a certain freedom and rights that will now be “trampled”.

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