Afghanistan: ‘The story of the modern Taliban is over,’ according to the National Resistance Front

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The National Resistance Front (FNR), led by the son of the “mythical” commander Massoud, in the valley Pansir, described the “illegal” new government of Taliban in the Afghanistan.

“The narrative about the modern Taliban is over, there is not a single Taliban who would be in favor of an inclusive government,” an FNR spokesman told AFP. Ali Maysam Nazari, the day after the presentation of the new government, which consists exclusively of members of the Islamist movement and in which not no women are involved.

“It will become a rogue government, an illegitimate government (…), as long as we see the number of terrorists in this cabinet “, he added.

Three weeks after taking control of the country, the Taliban announced yesterday that their new interim government would be headed by Mohammad Hassan Ahud, a former close associate and political adviser to the movement’s founder, mule Omar.

In addition, many new ministers, some of whom were already influential in the Taliban regime of his time 1990, are included in the lists of sanctions of the UN.

THE Shirazuddin Hakani, head of the network of the same name, identified as a terrorist from Washington and historically close to Al Qaeda, was appointed Minister of the Interior.

“Their transitional government is not, and would be, only slightly without exclusions,” Nazari added. exclusion different ethnic groups that make up the country “irrevocably” aggravated the divisions.

After the end of the first Taliban regime, ousted from power in 2001 by a US-led coalition, Afghan society evolved and the new generation, which wants more freedom, will not accept an oppressive regime, according to him.

“Look at the pictures of Kabul, the women and men who bravely take to the streets, unarmed, and say to the Taliban, ‘Kill us, we do not care, we want freedom and justice,'” the FNR spokesman said. demonstrations held yesterday and today in the capital.

Characterized unreliable the assurances of the new regime that it has full control over it Pansir Valley, which is the seat of the FNR under Ahmad Massoud, son of the famous commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was assassinated in 2001 by Al Qaeda.

The forces of the new regime control only the 40% of the valley and have killed 200 civilians, he pointed out, finally, denouncing a “humanitarian crisis” which will worsen further. Communication is very difficult with the Pansir Valley and the French Agency not could confirm this information from an independent source, concludes the AFP telegram invoked by APE BPE.

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