Afghanistan: Thousands of people are still waiting to leave for Germany

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Months after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans who worked for the German army, the German embassy and other German public institutions are still waiting to leave the country. Funke group, citing data from the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Germany has accepted applications from nearly 25,000 Afghans seeking relocation to the European country, according to the Interior Ministry in response to a question submitted to the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, by the Left Party. Of these, 7,033 have been transferred to German territory.

They were 24,556 people, 4,590 former or former German civil servants and 19,966 members of their families. Their applications were approved between 15 May and 26 November.

To date, 1,319 employees and 5,711 family members have been relocated.

Gokai Akbulut, a member of parliament for the Left Party, described the number of people transferred from Afghanistan to Germany as very small. Ms Akbulut told the Funke group newspapers that former German federal workers in Afghanistan were experiencing “fear and insecurity” and that they had little chance of leaving their homeland without help.

He called on the new federal government to speed up and simplify the reception process and arrange for their removal and relocation.


Source From: Capital

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