After 24 years together they finally had their dream wedding

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Weddings not only serve for couples and guests to show off in spectacular attire, dance and enjoy all night long. It is often the celebration of the journey that the couple crossed to reach that day and seal their love.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the joy to plan and carry out that long-awaited celebration. Some are only content to show how much they love each other every day, such as Rosalyn Ferrer and Rommel Basco, who could not have their wedding due to their financial situation, but with the help of hairdresser Richard Strandz, they fulfilled their dream. This is how they lived their surprise wedding.

They have been together 24 years

Homeless couple sitting on a motorcycle posing for a photograph

Rosalyn and Rommel have been together for a long time, enduring all the obstacles that life has thrown at them. Unfortunately, the couple were forced to live on the streets of the province of Pampanga, in the Philippines.

Your children are the proof that your love blossomed

Homeless couple playing outside their home with several children

The couple has six children and for a few years they have lived in a hut made of bags and cardboard that they placed near a wasteland. However, they stick together, supporting each other to get ahead, knowing that family is everything.

They make a living from hard work

Man combing his wife's hair while she is sitting outside their house

Generally, both they and their children collect plastic and cardboard that they find and then sell it for scrap metal to earn some money. The couple recently caught the eye of a local barber named Richard Strandz, who lived near Rosalyn and Rommel and became friends with them.

Thanks to an angel, they had their dream wedding

Man kissing his wife on the forehead while they are dressed as grooms during a photoshoot

Due to their living conditions, they never thought of a wedding and it wasn’t on their priority list either because they barely had enough to survive. But after Richard heard his story, he decided that he would do something to remedy the situation.

He gave them a day to celebrate their love

Couple dressed as bride and groom posing for a photo on their wedding day

Richard reached out to several friends and asked if they could help him plan a surprise wedding. It didn’t take him long to prepare everything. In addition, he gave them a makeover, gave them their outfit for that day and a beautiful photo session.

The wedding was not official, but they were able to enjoy the moment

Wedding couple posing for a photoshoot on their wedding day

Richard couldn’t get a judge to officiate the ceremony, but some of his friends volunteered to organize a full ceremony, complete with church, priest, judge, and a banquet so they could party in style.

They looked more in love than ever

Wedding couple posing for a photoshoot on their wedding day

During their photoshoot, both of them exuded all the love they felt.

The bride looked spectacular

Before and after the makeover of a woman in a wedding dress

Her dress, makeup and smile were the elements that complemented her look.

He also looked very elegant

Man posing for a photo on his wedding day while wearing a white suit

His suit went very well with his wife’s dress.

Now they can remember their wedding

Wedding couple posing for a photoshoot on their wedding day

After so much time together, they were finally able to celebrate their dream day. The world needs more people like Richard, who can give people what they long for, without wanting something in return.

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