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After a 57% drop in cases in May, the Rio government declares the end of the dengue epidemic

O The government of Rio de Janeiro decreed the end of the dengue epidemic in the state in a decision published in the Official Gazette this Tuesday (11) . The measure was based on technical analyzes by the Health Intelligence Center (CIS), of the Department of Health.

According to monitoring, the number of arbovirus infections has been falling in all regions of Rio de Janeiro for more than four consecutive weeks. This meant that level 1 of the State Contingency Plan Against the disease was reached.

Between May 26th and June 1st, Rio recorded 1,467 probable cases of dengue. As a result, the state has already recorded 268,947 thousand cases and 178 deaths from the disease since January until this Monday (10).

The dengue epidemic was declared in the state of Rio in February, when more than 91 thousand probable cases of the disease were recorded. That same month, between the 18th and 24th, the state recorded 27 thousand infections.

Furthermore, in March around 85 thousand cases were reported, while in April 42 thousand people were affected by the disease. Compared to the previous month, May recorded a drop of 57%, accounting for 18 thousand cases .

Dengue in Brazil

Brazil recorded 5,831,871 probable cases of dengue and 3,730 deaths from the disease this year alone. Both the number of probable infections and deaths are the highest since 2000, according to the Ministry of Health’s historical series.

Regarding the number of deaths under investigation, to find out if there is a link to arbovirus, it is 2,945, according to data released by the Arbovirus Monitoring panel this Tuesday (11).

Source: CNN Brasil

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