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After attack on Bar Brahma, policing is reinforced in the center of SP

The mayor of São Paulo , Ricardo Nunes (MDB), announced this Tuesday (5) the expansion of Operation Delegated, an agreement between the city hall and the state government for military police officers to work for the Metropolitan Civil Guard during their days off.

The mayor was asked about the attack on Bar Brahma last Sunday (3) during a press conference after the inauguration of the Acolhimento Amor Vida Unit. In response, Nunes assured that the municipality is working to increase security by increasing GCM staff, expanding the monitoring system, via the program Smart Sampa, purchase of new vehicles to ensure greater patrolling of the city.

The mayor also reported that 100% of the vacancies for Operation Delegated were filled after there was an increase in remuneration for off-duty police officers who joined the program.

With this, the contingent will have a reinforcement of 1,500 police officers. According to the mayor, another 500 men have just graduated from the academy and are joining another thousand in patrolling the capital.

The salaries of registered PMs are now R$2,400 – previously the amount for those who accepted the “official gig” was R$1,500. Another novelty announced by the city hall is that Operação Delegada will have a night version.

“At the beginning of the year, I increased the amount that the city hall pays to police officers, but it was still not enough [para preencher as vagas]. I sent another project, and we are increasing another 20% of the amount we pay to police officers, 20% for those who work at night — we didn’t have Operation Delegated at night and we are creating Operation Delegated at night — and an additional 30% for those military police officers who work in strategic areas, such as, for example, the center”, explained Nunes.

The project to increase the amount paid will be sanctioned next week, according to the mayor who criticized how the center of São Paulo is being portrayed.

“Some people are making the center a situation that is not real. We can’t do that. I think you have to have common sense and not make statements that deviate from reality, said the politician, who added that the problems must, in fact, be explained so that the public authorities can resolve them. “Nobody wants to hide their problems.”

Violence in the Center

In the last two days, two commercial establishments were targets of criminal action in the central region of the city. On Monday night (04), a McDonald’s franchise unit, located on Avenida Ipiranga, was vandalized. The attack, according to the Secretary of Public Security, was carried out by app food deliverers who had gathered to attack the cafeteria after a disagreement with employees of the unit.

On Sunday afternoon, Bar Brahma, located on the most famous corner of São Paulo, was attacked by criminals.

Located on the corner of Avenida Ipiranga and Avenida São João for more than 75 years, the bar was vandalized by a group. According to images recorded by those passing by, at least ten men threw stones and objects towards the establishment, breaking windows and overturning tables. A car, which was parked in front of the bar, was also attacked and its windows were broken.

In an interview with CNN , Colonel Melo, commander of policing in the central region of São Paulo, spoke about the crime. “The region is well policed, the accomplices only came to act, causing damage, due to a small moment when there was no vehicle at the scene”, he explained.

Source: CNN Brasil

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