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After cracks, Geological Survey of Brazil calls for permanent attention in Gramado (RS)

The municipality of Gramado, located in the Serra Gaúcha region, was recently affected by landslides and landslides due to the heavy rains that hit the area in November. The Brazilian Geological Survey (SGB), linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), released a report this Thursday (7), presenting measures to minimize the impacts of these events and prevent future occurrences. Among them, permanent monitoring of the areas affected by the cracks.

Suggestions include implementing permanent monitoring of affected areas, carrying out structural works and complementary studies to guide urban planning. The report highlights the importance of these actions, potentially benefiting more than 40 thousand inhabitants of the city, as well as tourists and local workers.

“Inserted in the context of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28), where global attention is focused on the urgency of environmental action, the events in Gramado highlight the immediate need for resilience and adaptation”, emphasized Inácio Melo, CEO of SGB.

The study, carried out between November 22nd and 23rd at the request of the Gramado Municipal Environment Department, analyzed the areas affected by the cracks and landslides that occurred on November 18th.

According to Júlio César Lana, executive coordinator of the SGB Territorial Management Department, the causes of the landslides and creepages are related to the geological and geotechnical conditions of the region, aggravated by the intensity of the rains.

To reduce risks and prevent new occurrences, the SGB proposes actions such as continuous monitoring during periods of intense rain, providing guidance to the population on warning signs and temporarily restricting access to critical areas.

According to the Geological Survey of Brazil, the agency and Gramado City Hall have already started conversations to develop complementary studies from 2024 onwards.

CNN contacted Gramado City Hall to obtain a position on the actions proposed by the SGB, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

Building collapse

A building collapsed in Gramado, in Serra do Rio Grande do Sul, on November 23. The five-story residential building was located in the Três Pinheiros neighborhood.

The accident left no injuries, as all local residents had already left the area, as advised by the city council, due to the risk of collapse.

Houses, streets and entire neighborhoods in the municipality of Rio Grande do Sul were closed after the appearance of cracks caused by intense rain.

Source: CNN Brasil

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