After Guedes denies readjustment, organization of Judiciary servers asks Fux for an increase

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After the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said that the government will not be able to give a readjustment to public servants this year, the National Federation of Workers of the Federal Judiciary and Public Ministry of the Union (Fenajufe) sent a letter to the president of the Federal Supreme Court, Luiz Fux, charging the raise for the category.

The documents were sent on Thursday (9). Fenajufe also presented a letter with the same content to the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras.

“Fenajufe comes to show concern and appeal to Your Excellency to make every effort to ensure that civil servants of the Judiciary Power of the Union are guaranteed the salary recomposition necessary for its staff to maintain the appreciation and provision of quality services to the population, which has always been the hallmark of this Power of the Union, and in this sense send a bill to Congress to restore the remuneration of civil servants at the emergency rate of 30.66%”, says Fenajufe in the letter.

“The STF has enough autonomy to guide the readjustment of federal employees of the Judiciary and does not need to be subordinated to the federal government, which has already shown disregard for all Brazilian workers”, said Lucena Pacheco, general coordinator of Fenajufe.

Fenajufe demanded that Fux draw up a bill of its own with a proposal for a readjustment for all servers of the federal judiciary.

“We demand that Minister Luiz Fux has a different position from the government and that he forwards the project to the salary recomposition of public servants. We hope that the STF does not align itself with the salary freeze policy,” he said.

The organization argues that it accumulates inflationary losses of almost 20% from 2019 to 2021 alone, during the Bolsonaro government, and that, if a rise of around 8.89% this year is confirmed, as predicted in the latest Focus Bulletin, from the Central Bank, losses would exceed 30%.

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, confirmed, on Thursday (9), that the federal government will not be able to increase the civil service in 2022 and that a possible readjustment may occur later, after the approval of the administrative reform.

“The federal government was not able to give an increase to the civil service, but it reduced taxes for 200 million Brazilians”, declared Guedes at an event promoted by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (Abras). “Right ahead there will be a raise for everyone, but right now we are still at war.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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