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After live, Zeca Pagodinho says he doesn’t see Ben Jor all the time: “It’s early in the morning”

The samba player Zeca Pagodinho said in an interview with CNN that the only “superlive” participant that he doesn’t see often is the singer Jorge Ben Jor . The owner of hits like “Verdade” and “Ogum” organized, in May, a meeting of big names in Brazilian music to raise funds for Rio Grande do Sul.

“We always meet from time to time. Gil, Diogo, Teresa Cristina, Xande. We are always together. It’s just that Ben Jor is more of a late night person”, explained the samba singer.

Gilberto Gil, Alcione, Jorge Aragão, Xande de Pilares, Diogo Nogueira and Teresa Cristina joined the duo at Zeca’s house. The live Samba Solidário was presented by Chico Moedas and broadcast on Cazé TV YouTube channel.

A CNN the singer also explained that it is a custom for samba artists to promote meetings like this, with food, drinks and a good circle of music.

“Samba is like that, we’re always making food at each other’s houses,” said Zeca. “That’s how we did it, I still do it. And that’s how we live.”

Zeca has no idea of ​​his own success

The singer Zeca Pagodinho stated, in an interview with CNN what I had never thought about the proportion that your music took and in size of success that he did over the years.

“It’s too much. Now that we’re going to be aware, I had never stopped to think about it. Now, with this show, it’s making sense”, confessed Zeca.

He began his career singing in samba circles in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and released his first song, “Camarão que Dorme a Onda Leva”, which he wrote with Arlindo Cruz and Beto Sem Braço, advised by his godmother Beth Carvalho.

To celebrate his 40 years of career, the samba singer began, on Friday (21), a tour with which he will tour Brazil until December. There will be a total of 17 shows in 13 different cities, as well as a themed cruise.

See images of Zeca Pagodinho’s show at Engenhão

Source: CNN Brasil

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