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PF arrests three suspects for robbery at Caxias do Sul Airport

Last Friday (21), the Federal Police arrested three of the suspects for the robbery at Hugo Cantergiani Airport, in Caxias do Sul. The prisoners were located in other states and arrived late this Saturday afternoon in Rio Grande do Sul, where they will be detained.

The action is carried out in conjunction with the Military Brigade, the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and joined the efforts of the Public Security Secretariats of Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and São Paulo.

According to the PF, the preventive arrests were carried out through court orders issued by the 5th Federal Court of Caxias do Sul. In a note, the corporation states that “the investigations are still ongoing, to identify others involved in the robbery and to completely elucidate of crime.”

Remember the case

A sergeant from the Rio Grande do Sul Military Brigade (BM) died during a confrontation with criminals who tried to rob an armored car at Caxias do Sul airport, in Serra Gaúcha, last Wednesday night (19).

Security camera images show that the heavily armed gang was dressed in federal police attire and used cars characterized as PF vehicles to enter the airport premises shortly after 7pm.

Source: CNN Brasil

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