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After revealing that he will be a father, Arthur Aguiar announces the end of his relationship with

Former BBB Arthur Aguiar announced this Monday (18) the end of his relationship with digital influencer Jheny Santucci. Admittedly together since June, The two revealed three days ago that they are expecting their first child . Aguiar is already the father of Sophia, 4, from his previous relationship with businesswoman Maíra Cardi, from whom he separated last year.

“Our story was very fast and intense. We met at the end of March and on the first day we were very honest with each other and said that we didn’t want to date, that we didn’t want anything serious. However, in the first week of May, I decided to step away because I was already getting serious and leaving what we had agreed on. And everyone went on with their lives,” he said through Instagram stories.

The influencer continued the announcement by saying that the now ex-couple spent 20 days without speaking or seeing each other, until they discovered that Jheny was pregnant. According to him, it wasn’t easy news, as they weren’t even together, they didn’t have a relationship, but, with the pregnancy, they decided to date and live together.

“Today, three months later, and using the same sincerity and transparency with each other that we had since the first day we met, we decided not to continue together. Let’s take care of our son [a] with lots of love and affection and I will be a present father as I am in my daughter’s life”, he said.

Aguiar also stated that he will not open up his personal life in relation to the breakup and everything that had to be said has already been said and that he will not speak about the subject again.

“Let’s focus on the good relationship we already have and taking care of our son or daughter. I hope you respect our moment”, she concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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