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After the death of an influencer due to cosmetic surgery on her buttocks, participants of Miss Bumbum issue a warning about PMMA in SP

The 27 participants of the Miss Bumbum 2024 contest held a demonstration for the conscious use of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) this Tuesday (9). The act took place during a race in front of the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MASP), on Avenida Paulista, and which opens the contest’s voting.

According to the organization, the protest was a reminder of the lives of models and influencers who died due to the abusive use of the substance in cosmetic procedures. Some of the posters carried by the candidates had phrases such as “Say no to PMMA” and “Your life is more important”.

Last week, a 33-year-old influencer died after undergoing cosmetic surgery on her buttocks at a clinic in Goiânia. The influencer reportedly underwent the procedure using PMMA on June 23 and, on the same day, began to feel unwell. On June 29, Aline was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where she remained until she could not resist the complications and died on Tuesday (2).

The influencer’s husband commented on the official account’s post that informed more than 40 thousand followers about her death. “Thank you for every second by your side, my love. I will love you forever,” he wrote. The cause of death was not disclosed.

The Civil Police of Goiás arrested the person responsible for the establishment on Wednesday (3), for crimes against consumer relations.

Also last week, influencer and funk singer Leticia Minacapelly, known as MC Princesa, was discharged after undergoing six surgeries due to complications related to the use of polymethyl methacrylate. Exclusively to CNN the influencer talked about the moments of pain and regret after applying PMMA.

“It’s very painful, especially when you come back from surgery because an electric scalpel is used to try to remove part of the product, which burns everything inside. In order to remove part of the product and try to save your life, you are constantly being cut in half,” said the funk singer. “If I knew the risks that PMMA poses to a person’s health, I would never, ever use it on the face of the earth,” Letícia said.

Other cases

In June 2023, model and journalist Lygia Fazio, 40, died after complications from the application of industrial silicone to her breasts and PMMA to her buttocks. The substances spread throughout Lygia’s body, triggering infections and a stroke.

The news was released through the model’s official account. “Unfortunately, our warrior has passed away. We thank you once again for all your support,” the post said. In one of the posts, a close friend of Lygia commented on the use of the substance on people. “Guys, how long will these murderous doctors keep putting PMMA on people? This is a crime! It has to be banned. Rest in peace,” she wrote.

In 2020, influencer Mariana Michelini Redigolo, 35, had her mouth deformed and lost part of her upper lip after undergoing facial harmonization with a dentist from Matão, São Paulo. The professional would perform the procedure and in exchange, the influencer would share the results.

Mariana told CNN who, six months after undergoing cosmetic surgery in June 2021, woke up swollen and with a red face. The influencer only discovered that PMMA had been applied to her face after consulting another professional. Due to the inflammation, Mariana’s upper lip and upper lip had to be removed.

“Even though I saw myself deformed, I did the best I could. I continued working the same way, wearing a mask, and I don’t even go out without it, out of shame, even though everyone already knows. I decided to create my YouTube channel to tell people, to alert them, to research professionals and to tell them about my life,” she said on social media.

The influencer has been working on reconstructing her face since 2023. “My biggest dream is to have my face back, to be able to have a social life, to be able to go out, to be able to feel beautiful again,” she told CNN .

Mariana sued those responsible for the surgery and filed a police report with the Matão Civil Police. Due to the publication of the failed result on social media, she was also sued by the dentist who performed the facial harmonization. According to Mariana, the doctor responsible fled the city. Both lawsuits are ongoing under court secrecy and the police are investigating whether there was negligence in the operation.

Risks of using PMMA

A CNN dermatologist Mayla Carbone, a member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, explained the health risks of the substance. “What happens is that it can have serious consequences. Because it is a synthetic polymer, derived from plastic, it can end up causing infections, granulomas, leading to embolism and even death in patients,” she said.

*Under supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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