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Afternoon Session: see the films that will be shown this week

The week’s schedule Afternoon session is packed with films for the whole family. Among the options, classics will be shown, such as “Mean Girls” animations, like “Ice Age 2” and fiction and sports-themed titles, such as “More than winners” .

With productions released between 2004 and 2019, these feature films are a good option to enjoy and have fun without leaving home during the July holidays.

Check out the Afternoon Session schedule for this week:

Monday (8) – “More than Conquerors”

In the 2019 film, basketball coach John Harrison’s life changes overnight when his team’s state championship dreams are dashed by unexpected news. Called upon by the school principal to fill in and coach the cross-country team, a sport he neither knows nor likes, John becomes frustrated and questions his worth.

Tuesday (9) – “Mean Girls”

In this 2004 classic, Cady is enrolled in a new school and, in order to make friends, she must get rid of all the traps that Regina George, the “queen bee”, puts in her path.

Wednesday (10) – “Ice Age 2”

In the second title of the animated franchise, global warming brings threats of widespread flooding to regions that were previously frozen. With this, Manny, Sid and Diego set out in search of a safe haven, to find a place to live and help everyone who lives there.

Thursday (11) – “A Reason to Win”

In the film released in 2018, a young student and star of the school volleyball team is killed in a motorcycle accident. Close to the state championship, coach Kathy tries to encourage the other students to participate in the games. Unmotivated, the girls enter the competition and are surprised by the power of teamwork.

Friday (12) – “Jupiter Ascending”

Jupiter Jones is the descendant of a lineage that places her as the next occupant of the position of queen of the universe. Unaware of this, she continues her quiet life working as a maid in the United States, the country where she lives after leaving Russia. One day, she receives a visit from Caine, a genetically altered ex-military man whose mission is to protect her at all costs and take her to take her rightful place.

Lindsay Lohan attends the premiere of “Mean Girls: The Musical”

Source: CNN Brasil

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