Agro Connection: Animal protein sector identifies production record

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Even with the advance of the Ômicron variant of the new coronavirus, vaccination in Brazil brings optimism to turkey, chicken and swine producers. This is what the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) points out.

The sector. which has already accumulated record production of chicken and pork this year, with increases exceeding 3% compared to 2020, also notices an increase in the demand for proteins that go to the table in end-of-the-year meals.

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For ABPA’s market manager, Luis Rua, the sector “has seen an increase in sales of Christmas kits, what we call B2B trade, that is, one in which the company in the sector sells to another company and this product is later delivered to the employees of these companies”, he said.

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“In the case of retail and wholesale sales in general of these same products, then we do have a certain stability still very much due to this recovery that we expect will occur more and more rapidly in our economy in this year of 2022”, stated.

See more details in the video above.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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