Ahtsioglou-Haritsis: ‘Explosion of inflation and the arrogance of Mitsotakis’

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The rise of inflation in June to 12.1%, at levels of 1993, is commented by the head of the Finance Department of SYRIZA-PS, Efi Ahtsioglou and the head of Development and Investments, Alexis Haritsis, in a joint statement.

“Within six months, January’s already high inflation has almost doubled. Greece is now well above the Eurozone average: 117.7% increase in natural gas, 70.4% in electricity, 45.6% in fuel , double-digit increases in food”, SYRIZA-PS MPs report and note:

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“But don’t misunderstand the government. It’s not about draining the citizens’ income or supporting profiteering and cartels. It’s just that Mr. Mitsotakis is making sure that tourists don’t take cheap holidays in Greece.

An explosion of inflation and the arrogance of a tragic prime minister that society is paying dearly for. The sooner he and his government go, the sooner the nightmare for citizens will end.”

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Source: Capital

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