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Airstrike hits building in Tel Aviv

A rocket sent by the radical Islamic group Hamas hit a building in the west of Tel Aviv and caused a fire. At least 3 people were injured and, according to preliminary information, were taken to hospitals with minor injuries.

Other rockets fired by Hamas in the airstrike were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile interception equipment. As reported by the reporter from CNN Michel Gavendo, who was inside a parking lot in the city, two missile volleys were heard in the region.

“It’s rare. This time there were two shots in a very short space of time,” said Gavendo.

At the scene, in addition to the firefighters and police who went to help the victims, there were also officers from the Israeli border guard providing security. The Civil Defense’s guidance is that there are no crowds around the attacked location to prevent new victims from being hit in the event of new shots.

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Published by Flávio Ismerim, with information from Reuters

Source: CNN Brasil

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