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dYdX developers launched mainnet

The dYdX Chain L1 blockchain mainnet has been officially launched in the Cosmos ecosystem. This was confirmed by the founder of the project, Antonio Giuliano.

Before the release, the developers revealed the source code of the blockchain. The testnet was launched back in July 2023.

That’s the project describes Giuliano himself:

“DYdX Chain is a completely new blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK, fully open source, the first decentralized off-chain order book, community-consistent and representing the future of crypto derivatives trading.”

Note that this is an alpha version of the mainnet. In the comments The Block a representative of the project team noted that the main goal of this stage is a network stress test.

Once the quorum is approved, the beta version will be launched. After this, users will be able to trade.

As of October 27, 2023, the TPS of the dYdX Chain blockchain is 3.93. Number of transactions – 162,578, validators – 27, according to Mintscan.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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