Aka 7even, I’m like a cat

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Only five years ago Luca Marzano was a teenager from the province of Campania, his days full of emotional scars caused by a coma, which made him risk his life, and two broken incisors because they were the target of bullies. Her best friend: music, the guiding star of an existence clinging to the dream of making it a profession. Miles and specimens ground with the family on his side. Talent, however, is like a caterpillar: it does not overcome the cross-fires of Area Sanremo e X Factor, begins a metamorphosis against paranoia capable of devouring even the most carefree moments. Then, Maria De Filippi chooses him as a competitor of Friends and the butterfly comes out of the cocoon: goodbye Luca, welcome Aka 7even.

Today he is 21 years old and satisfactions: the hits I miss you e Loca, platinum certifications, over 900 thousand followers on Instagram and an autobiography, 7 quickly, “Like those of cats”, which tells the new star of the discography after the coma.

What did you understand from the rebirth?
“I probably wouldn’t have made music that way, throwing myself headlong into it.”

In the hospital he had some sort of contact with the afterlife, he writes.
“I met grandparents I didn’t know. And I saw my dog, which in the meantime was gone. I felt like I was alive, but in a better place. I haven’t talked to many people about these “visits”, but I decided to include them in the book because someone could be reflected in my story ».

How is your relationship with spirituality?
«I am a very believer. I tend to think and live the events on an energetic level, trying to perceive the soul of those in front of me ».

Once the bad experience was over, he devoted himself to music. Then casting on casting, getting nothing. A stage name and everything has changed. Are you now more Luca or more Aka?
«If Luca is not there, there is no Aka. When I was Luca I wanted to change the sound, take risks, structure an artistic part different from the personal one. Things are shot the right way and, with participation in Friends, I understood the need to return to myself ».

How important is style in this change?
“It’s important. I play a lot with accessories and also do a search to go shopping. But I don’t follow a trend, because you don’t have to get obsessed. Unfortunately my generation is very attached to appearance, while I believe that people should be appreciated beyond fashion ».

What if we talk about who makes music?
“Style must respect the genre to create identity and credibility: if Marco Mengoni wore a trapper suit he would lose the link with what he represents”.

Many people have let her down. How did you get through the dark times?
«With music. And now, in friendship as in love, I don’t press the accelerator: I reflect on how to act, on the relationship to be established “.

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