Home World Akar challenge: We are tired of proving the lies of the Greeks

Akar challenge: We are tired of proving the lies of the Greeks

Akar challenge: We are tired of proving the lies of the Greeks

Attack by the Minister of Defense of Turkey, Hulusi Akar against Greece, through which he accuses our country of lying and of constantly trying to create tension.

“Unfortunately in Greece certain individuals, in order to disturb the relations between the two neighboring countries and allies, day and night make statements and actions that increase the tension. Nevertheless, we as Turkey always say to meet, discuss and resolve the differences between our issues with dialogue. But unfortunately Greece in this matter, neither talks, nor comes to the table, nor listens to words, nor ends the lies. Every minute and a lie, every second and a lie. We are tired of proving this. The mistakes of the Greek government are such that they are now distinguishable by some Greek politicians, retired generals, admirals, by some academics, by the media and some reasonable Greeks who have now begun to see them. They too see that what is being done is wrong and take a stand against what is being done,” says Akar, speaking in the context of an event for the dead Turkish soldiers in Aksehir, adding:

“My friends, in summary we say the following. We are right and because we are right we are also strong. We are ready to talk at any kind of table”.

“But on the other hand, we are determined, dedicated and fortunately very capable of not allowing any kind of fait accompli and not allowing any violation of rights, not even ours, that is, the Turkish Republic of 85 million, but not the Turkish Cypriots either. of our brothers”, comments the Turkish Minister of Defense according to the Demirören news agency.

Petros Kranias

Source: Capital



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