Akar: Greece is dreaming and taking actions that will harm the well-being of its own people

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Another attack against Greece was launched by Hulusi Akaras in an interview with the Turkish newspaper Milliyet he said, among other things, that he “dreams and takes actions that will harm the well-being of his own people”.

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“Greece is dreaming, taking actions that will harm the well-being of its own people. They spend money, they commit. They further damage the well-being of the people who are already in a bad situation. We are talking about a country with a debt of around 500 billion euros. He still pursues alliances and has a passion for gear. You are a NATO member country. Why are you chasing other alliances?”its Defense Minister said Turkeyaccording to the correspondent of SKAI, Manolis Kostides.

Referring to US bases in Greece, Hulusi Akar states that “defense and security is a matter of surveillance and precaution. In talks with the Americans they express that they are definitely not against us. We are monitoring this matter closely. We are taking our measures.

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Greece immorally accuses us of “neo-Ottomanism, revisionism and expansionist policies”. What is Greece trying to cover up with this? The Big Idea. We, on the other hand, seek dialogue with a prudent understanding of the state, I am ready to receive the Greek Minister of Defense if he comes tomorrow, I am ready to go if he calls me tomorrow. The elections in Greece are approaching. They see the only solution to Turkish hostility.”

For F-16, Hulusi Akar notes: “We expect common sense to prevail, for the United States to assess the issue as a whole and decide and act accordingly. Our friends in parliament are also having conversations in Congress. Our slogan is “Strong Turkey, strong Air Force, strong NATO, strong Alliance”. We also say that the F-16 is not the only option.”

Source: News Beast

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