AKTOR: Bidder in a project of 14.3 million euros is TOMI

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By Eleni Botas

The bidder in a project of 14.3 million euros was TOMI, a subsidiary of AKTOR.

The project concerns the reconstruction of the existing section of the National Road Trikala – Pyli. The starting point of the project is located at the connection of E.O. with the peripheral ring of Trikala and its end at the junction of Drosero. The project includes the construction of a main artery, the construction of a bridge in Pinios for the passage of the two independent branches of the artery, the construction of a level junction at Karavoporou and the construction of a side network to the right and left of the main artery.

This is the project that essentially completes the E.O. Trikala-Pyli from the roundabout of Tsagadas Mill to the bridge of Karavoporos. With this project, the largest ever in Thessaly, a modern safe highway of 36 km is completed with a new bridge, main and side highway with a total budget of 64.8 million euros.

“In collaboration with the Deputy Regional Governor of Trikala Christos Michalakis, the Regional Councilors and our services we design and implement useful projects, substantive projects for the citizens. With the implementation of this project we complete the road section from the regional ring of Trikala to the bypass At the same time, the construction of side roads of two directions ensures the comfortable and smooth communication and service of the passing properties and areas, it is an important project as the safe road connection of the city of Trikala with the Gate is achieved. “We stand by the people of the countryside, improving their daily lives, and they have the right to life,” said in recent statements the Governor of Thessaly, Costas Agorastos.

In the side streets, where the construction of sidewalks is included, care will be taken so that it is possible to serve the disabled with appropriate configuration of the ramps (ramps) of the sidewalks and ensuring the minimum free obstacles of width 1.50m. It is noted that the area in which the project is located is outside cities and settlements.


Source From: Capital

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