Al. Haritsis: While some are speculating at the expense of society, the government has raised its hands

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“Any government subsidy policies that do not address the structural consequences of accuracy, many of our fellow citizens are no longer able to meet their basic needs,” said Alexis Haritsis, SYRIZA’s Head of Development and Investment, in the main news bulletin of “Kontra” evening, Monday 21 February.

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“We have the most expensive wholesale electricity price in Europe, the fourth most expensive price for gasoline and explosive increases in basic necessities,” he said, adding that “wages are stagnant and the minimum wage is lower than in 2010, while in other European countries we have an increase.” “.

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“There must be serious relief for households and businesses by reducing fuel consumption, a measure that has already been implemented in 19 of the 27 EU countries, and decisive state intervention to regulate the electricity market,” said the head of SYRIZA. “While some are speculating at the expense of society, the government has raised its hands and is waiting for the market to self-regulate,” he said. “. “Investing in the real economy is also investing in the country’s public finances,” he commented.

“Unfortunately, the government is using public money for tax breaks and exemptions on large real estate and very high incomes, while it has proceeded with direct assignments of over 7 billion euros in just two years”, Mr. Haritsis countered, underlining: “Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are anxious about energy costs, the inability of banks to finance them, but about whether the funds to which our country is entitled in the coming years through the Recovery Fund will be directed to the real economy or whether they will be distributed to a select few. planned by the government “.

“A policy change is needed with the needs of the social majority at the center of funding and development planning”, concluded the Head of Development and Investment of SYRIZA.


Source: Capital

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