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Al Jazeera broadcast ban in Israel extended

The ban imposed on the Al Jazeera television network was extended for an additional 45 days by the country’s telecommunications regulator. The ban was in force until today, however, the cabinet agreed that its operation constituted a security threat, resulting in the extension of the measure. In a separate ruling on a request by Al Jazeera against its shutdown, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the measure against the television network “sets a judicial precedent” and gave the Israeli government until August 8 to file arguments for ” why should it not be determined that the Act to Prevent a Foreign Television Network from Infringing on National Security” is invalid. The broadcaster argued in court that it does not incite violence or terrorism and that the ban is disproportionate, according to court documents. The network, which has criticized Israel’s military operations in Gaza, has not yet […]
Source: News Beast

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