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Gracyanne Barbosa sambas at the launch of the Camisa Verde e Branco plot

Gracyanne Barbosa was present and danced during the launch of the Camisa Verde e Branco plot for the 2025 Carnival, on Saturday night (8). The nine-time champion of São Paulo’s festivities will talk about the singer Cazuza.

The influencer remains the drum godmother of the traditional samba school in the west of São Paulo. She had to be absent from this year’s parade due to a knee injury and was unable to make her official debut for the club.

At the event, Camisa officially announced its Carnival court, which will also feature Sophia Ferro as drum queen and Thalita Zampirolli as school queen. The first is a child of the house and daughter of president Erika Ferro, while the second will debut at Anhembi in 2025 and will be the first trans woman to parade in the association’s court.

Lucinha Araújo, Cazuza’s mother and founder of Sociedade Viva Cazuza, was also at the party. At the event, Camisa Verde e Branco announced the official title of the plot for 2025: “Time doesn’t stop! Cazuza – the poet lives!”

She posed for photos with the members of the association’s court and had her presence celebrated by Thalita Zampirolli, who confessed to being inspired by Cazuza’s path of fighting for freedom and equality.

“Having dear Cazuza’s mother at my coronation ceremony is something I will never forget. Cazuza is a person who fought for freedom and equality. He didn’t like labels and prejudices. This flag that I raise here: let us be who we want to be!”, declared Thalita Zampirolli.

The group will be the last to parade on Carnival Friday and will feature the debut of carnival artist Cahê Rodrigues to try to achieve the third consecutive year in the Special Group, a feat it has not achieved since 2006. In 2024, the school in the Barra Funda neighborhood won 12th place with a plot in honor of the football player Adriano Imperador.

Source: CNN Brasil

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