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Al Pacino dad at 83: fourth child on the way

Just twenty days ago, Robert DeNiro took the front pages of the pink newspapers celebrating, at the age of 79, the birth of her seventh child. Today it’s up to my friend and colleague Al Pacino, who is 83 years old and is preparing to become a father for the fourth time. According to what he reports tmz extensionin fact, the girlfriend of the American actor, Noor Alfallah, born in 1993, he would already be in the eighth month of pregnancy.

«Al Pacino’s representative confirms our version», writes the US portal, which recalls how the two have been together sinceApril of 2022. Yes, because despite the gossip murmurs that the attendance began at the time of the pandemic, the first photo of the couple came out last year: or rather, a group shot during a dinner at Los Angelesposted on social media by Jason Momoa.

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“They have left the venue together,” he wrote AND! News. “It doesn’t really seem to be a problem the age difference». To be precise, 53 years old. Among other things, Noor’s profession as a film producer was already over in the past under the spotlight for a relationship with a total icon of the entertainment world: Mick Jagger. “A source confirms it,” he wrote on Instagram next to an ironic photo.

The Daily Mailalready a year ago, labeled them as «fiancés», publishing the images of both at82nd birthday by Al Pacino. Who already has three children with two different women: Julie Marieborn in 1989 from the love story with the acting teacher Jan Tarrant, and the twins Olive Rose And Anton Jameshad in 2001 by the actress Beverly D’Angelo and rely on him after a long time legal battle.

Now, for the Oscar Prizeanother joy is coming.

Source: Vanity Fair

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