Al. Tsipras: With the fine of 100 euros the rich buy the refusal to vaccinate

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The president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, spoke about the criminal responsibilities of the government in the management of the pandemic, and added that the obligation constitutes “sabotage in the effort to convince the Greek society about the necessity of vaccination”.

Speaking to the Flash TV station of Western Macedonia, as he is touring in the prefecture of Kozani tomorrow, the president of SYRIZA claimed that the country is in the middle of a double pandemic, a coronavirus and a pandemic of accuracy and blamed the government for lack of plan and strategy, strange decisions.

Mr. Tsipras claimed that “Mr. Mitsotakis and his government have the most critical deficit in dealing with the pandemic, a lack of credibility” and explained: his strange decision, to proceed with a process of punishments, a punitive process of those over 60. We see contradictions and regressions that form an image of lack of strategy, plan and managerial inadequacy “.

He went on to point out the contradictions of the Prime Minister: “Mr. Mitsotakis just 20 days ago came out and defended the perception that he and his government can not and have no right to force anyone to be vaccinated. The Minister of Health, Mr. Plevris, in recent statements he spoke of unconstitutionality in terms of compulsory vaccination and with particularly sharp rhetoric.When we asked them to apply stricter measures in certain occupational categories, when we asked them to take political costs and impose a rapid test for entry into temples “When we told them the policemen who make the checks have to be vaccinated, they were against it. And suddenly from where they were in white they went to black. And they go to a logic of universal obligation in those over 60”.

He asked if it was obligatory or if it depended on everyone’s financial ability to buy the right to refuse and explained: “A wealthy man over 60 will find it easier to give 100 euros to buy the refusal to vaccinate. But the poor an elderly person who receives a pension of 400 or 600 euros, giving 100 euros a month is prohibited “. He went on to say that “we are faced with a choice that is essentially sabotage in trying to convince Greek society of the need for vaccination. It is also an attempt that has constitutional problems.” He expressed fear that “we will have the opposite results, a current of anti-vaccination demagoguery will be rekindled. Those who are determined will be fortified behind the denial and a climate of social automation and division will be created in Greek society, “To the older and the younger. That’s the perfect mix of social dissolution. When you do not have social cohesion and confidence, you can not face a collective danger like that of the pandemic.”

Mr Tsipras rejected the government’s argument that it had exhausted all means before resorting to mandatory vaccination for those over 60: ICU: We are the country in Western Europe with the highest death rate, this is not something that could not be prevented, they had two years to prepare and we were constantly shouting for two years strengthened, supported the National Health System. ικούς These are criminal responsibilities. Here we are in front of a strategy that was wrong from the beginning to the end κ Mr. Mitsotakis celebrated the end of the pandemic three times. “, while we have 15% in ICU vaccinated”.

The government treats everything on a cost-benefit basis

Regarding the situation in the Hospitals, he said: The government, in addition to confirming its failure with the punitive vaccination, also confirms its extreme neoliberal logic. It treats everything on the basis of cost and benefit. We do not waste, they say, to strengthen the National Health System because it is a luxury to have as many ICUs as needed to protect human lives. In the 2022 budget in the midst of a pandemic crisis, it budgets 800 million euros less for health, ie it reduces public spending. And it is clear that if we had recruits of permanent doctors and development of more beds and ICU units we would have better rates in terms of mortality of our fellow citizens. It treats human life with an extreme accounting concept “.

He reminded that Stelios Petsas said that money would be wasted if they followed what SYRIZA said about ICU beds and added: “And today we have 150 fellow citizens outside the ICU who will reach or exceed 200 by Christmas while the deaths will be 100 “In the face of this reality, the country’s prime minister, protected behind these communication airbags, cannot whistle indifferently with the millions he shares with left and right media,” he said.

He reiterated that “private hospitals must be ordered tomorrow morning, we are at war and we must deploy all our forces. All accessible and available ICU units must be made available. “million. To increase the ICU because it is the right of every citizen who pays taxes to have decent care.” Finally, he attributed to the Prime Minister that “he rejects any proposal for conciliation and considers that with communication logics and demagogy he can overcome a crisis that affects every Greek family. He has decided to be charged with all political responsibilities and I think the political responsibility for the tragedy society belongs to him exclusively “.

In despair households and businesses with electricity bills

Regarding Western Macedonia, where he will tour tomorrow, he said: “It is an area plagued by unemployment. Insecurity and uncertainty are the main feature. On the energy crisis and the crisis of accuracy, Mr. Mitsotakis decided to deprive the Company of its public character. Electricity and leave all consumers with exorbitant tariffs, because where PPC restrained prices and supported social cohesion, it now plays a role of competition with private providers over who will have the highest bills. Greece, which is a small country, can not be a leader in electricity prices for months now, it has the highest prices in Europe and I am afraid that households and businesses will see huge increases in December, January and February. If you have a large income, you will be able to afford it. whoever has a middle income will be faced with the syndrome of the third week, to have no rest to make a month. Measures must be taken against this reality, Mr. Mitsotakis can not look at the explosion of accuracy as a traffic warden. Referring to the measures announced by the government to deal with energy accuracy, he said: “The measures announced are not even enough for life, they are measures with fragmentation, sloppiness, with amateurism. When we said that a wave of accuracy is coming that is not easy to deal with, An announcement was made for 9 euros per megawatt hour and free gigabytes for young people, 20 days later he found out that the measures are not enough and 9 made it 18, 18 made it 30 but when the increases are in the range of 150, 200, 300 euros 20 and 30 euros do not make a difference, and the vast majority of citizens, especially professionals, are in despair. It is crucial for us to reduce the excise duty to the lowest levels allowed by the European Commission in order to give a real breath. And that means lower petrol. ”

Renewal in leadership positions

In closing, he referred to the SYRIZA Congress, saying that the main goal is “communication with the citizens – deprived by the pandemic; I am out of Athens every week, trying to catch the pulse of societies”. He added that the aim of the Conference is “the substantial and profound renewal of executives in leadership positions without this meaning that the older ones will not have a say. But it is a necessary process that will make us stronger”.



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