Alalum on US Flights – Mass Cancellations Concerned About 5G Networks

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Major international airlines they hurried redesign or cancel flights at United States before developing today in the country networks 5G, which has created security concerns, despite the fact that two mobile phone companies announced that they will delay parts of this development.

“Bell” for the Boeing 777

The US Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) has warned that interference from 5G networks could affect altitude radio, which plays an important role in bad weather landings on some jets, and airlines say that The Boeing 777 is one of the models that was initially focused on.

Despite the announcement by AT&T and Verizon that will suspend the development of 5G networks near airports, several airlines have canceled flights or changed the model of aircraft they use on these flights, according to the APE-MPE. Late yesterday (Tuesday 18/1), the FAA began updating its guidelines on which airports and which aircraft models will be affected, in a move that is expected to dramatically reduce the impact of the nearly 1,500 5G restrictions due to issued by the regulatory authority.

The announcements of big airlines

The airline that has the most Boeing 777, the Emirates Dubai had earlier announced it would suspend flights to nine destinations in the United States from January 19, the date on which 5G wireless services are scheduled to be developed. Emirates flights to New York JFK Airport, Los Angeles and the capital Washington will continue.

Japan’s two major airlines, the All Nipon Airways and the Japan Airlines, announced that they will reduce the flights of Boeing 777. ANA announced that it cancels some flights in the USA or that it changes the aircraft that make them. The German Lufthansa announced that it was canceling a flight from Frankfurt to Miami and that it was changing the aircraft it uses on some flights in the USA, from Boeing 747-8, to 747-400. THE Austrian Airlines, which is a subsidiary of Lufthansa, will replace the Boeing 777 it uses on its route to Newark with a Boeing 767. Korean Air Lines announced that it replaced the 777 with 747-8 in six flights, passenger and cargo. THE China Airlines of Taiwan announced that it will reschedule some flights and Cathay Pacific Airways Hong Kong has announced that it will develop various types of aircraft if needed.

The airlines said they were responding to a Boeing warning that 5G signals could interfere with the altitude radio at 777. A Boeing spokesman did not immediately return calls for comment.

Last year, the 777 was the second two-run cabin passenger aircraft to be used more for flights to and from US airports, flying about 210,000 flights, less than the 767 alone, according to data from the FlightRadar24 website.

THE Air India, which serves four destinations in the US with a Boeing 777, announced that these flights will be reduced or from today the type of aircraft used in them will change. THE Singapore Airlines announced that it has changed the aircraft it uses on selected routes in the US based on Boeing instructions and in consultation with the country’s regulatory authorities. The flights were canceled despite the fact that the mobile phone companies delayed the start of operation of some 5G towers near airports. Sources in the aviation industry said that this decision of the companies was taken too late to affect complex decisions for aircraft and crews for today’s flights.

THE British Airways has chosen to change the aircraft it uses for its daily flight to Los Angeles, from the usual Boeing 777, to an Airbus A3870, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

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