Alba Parietti in the selfie no make-up, curly and without make-up, is a blast

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On July 2 he will turn 60, but judging by the last selfie no make-up posted on Instagram, Alba Parietti’s skin is still that of a young woman: rosy, toned, super hydrated and compact (wow!). On vacation on the island of Ibiza in the company of her friend Paola Barale, the Turin TV presenter and columnist, known for her being very direct and for her irrepressible sex appeal, sends a kiss to her fans and, on her social page, writes next to the photo of her face without make-up: “Waking up in Ibiza and being a curly woman”. In fact, her shoulder-length hair is sensually wavy and messy.

Alba Parietti, notoriously very attentive to her physical appearance, joins the group of star 50 something who, on Instagram, do not mind showing themselves in very close self-portraits without a trace of makeup. Could it still be the long wave of the lockdown, with a boom in domestic looks made up of a face without make-up and hair tied up with a flannel? Probably, the fact is that da Demi Moore (58 anni) a Courteney Cox (56), without forgetting the local stars Paola Perego (55 years old) and Barbara D’Urso (who is already 64 years old), many over 50s choose naturalness via social media. For anyone who belonged to this age group and wanted to imitate them, the aesthetic doctor and plastic surgeon Valentina Finotti of Clinica Sotherga Milano, recommends “Gentle and thorough cleansing morning and evening, use of moisturizing cosmetics, but also and above all rich in antioxidants, with the presence of vitamin C, green tea and coenzyme Q10. And never, ever forget to apply a high SPF factor for the day. And if wrinkles bother you, yes to fillers with hyaluronic acid and biorevitalization cycles in the doctor’s office, to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, removing years and fatigue from the skin of your face ».

Here is a roundup of star over 50 no make-up. Enjoy!

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