Share your birthday invitation on TikTok and it all ends with a massive party

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The biggest fear when hosting a birthday party is that the guests will not attend. That is why Adrián López, 17, shared the invitation to his party through TikTok. He says he did it as a joke, as he hoped to celebrate his day alone in the company of his family. However, everything got out of hand.

The video-invitation was seen by thousands of Internet users, who did not hesitate to join the celebration. Unfortunately, not all of them reached cake and some were arrested by the police, a situation that drew the attention of the internet.

share birthday invitation on tiktok and it goes viral

Adrián López, from the Inland Empire, in California, organized “La fiesta de Adrián”, an event to celebrate his birthday that would only include his family and close friends, but which went viral, representing a big problem for him and the Huntington police. Beach.

The invitation had millions of visits and it was clear that there would be hundreds of attendees. The police in question found out what was about to happen and took their precautions, announcing that they would be on the lookout for everything that happened at this event. For his part, Adrián tried to change the day and time of the event, but it was too late to dissuade people.

We are actively monitoring multiple social media posts announcing a great beach get-together this weekend. The safety and well-being of our residents, visitors, businesses, and motorists is paramount.

HBPD is taking important steps to prepare for the potential influx of visitors. Including working closely with our regional public safety partners. To that end, the HBPD will also strictly enforce all applicable laws and ordinances over the weekend.

share birthday invitation on tiktok and it goes viral

The day of the event arrived and was entertained by more than 2,500 guests, who celebrated Adrián’s birthday in a big way. There were fireworks, dancing, and live music, but it all spiraled out of control when the alcohol started to get up to speed, leading guests to climb palm trees and do some wrecking. At that moment, the police made their promising appearance, arresting more than 175 people and halting the massive celebration.

The best of this story came the next day, when the entire community (including Adrián) came together to clean the streets, the pier, remove graffiti and leave everything as it was before the party.

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