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Alberto Matano after the wedding: “I took the first step with Riccardo”

Golden period for Alberto Matano: the famous conductor will return to the helm of Life live on Rai Uno from 12 September, but in the meantime he enjoys the honeymoon period. Host of the radio show Let’s pretend that on R101 (the program of Maurizio Costanzo and Carlotta Quadri), he told some background of the wedding with his partner Riccardo Mannino.

“This is the first time I’ve talked about it publicly since my wedding; I really have to thank my audience, all the people who stop us on the street and wish us well. It really is an unexpected wave of love. I was very impressed because we did not make any proclamations, it was all very normal and in this normality people found themselves and this makes me happy. I believe that society is far ahead of what we think “.

The couple have been together for fifteen years and, on the idea of ​​Mara Venier (who then celebrated the ceremony), she decided to get married: “As Maurizio knows – explained the journalist – Mara Venier and I are very friends and once at dinner she asked us: “But when do you decide?” and I replied “Well, now I’m fifty, then I’ll resume the program, maybe later”, instead then Riccardo picked up the phone and said “But no, let’s do it now before the summer”, so in we organized everything for a month ».

Also during the interview he added: «One of the magical things in life are undoubtedly the encounters, the fact that we recognize each other in any circumstance. I saw Riccardo one evening in a restaurant, a person at the table with me knew him and then we met again several times, at one point we met again the third time and I said “Now I’m talking to him”. I took the first stepthen when we met we were both busy so there were months of transition and then after a year we got together ».

Today the conductor is serene, as he has already anticipated at Corriere della Sera a few days ago, the day of the wedding: “We are overwhelmed by the affection of people who understand that we are two souls who have sought and found each other. Two people who love each other. That’s all. And it is beautiful. I’ll tell you this. The day before last night my mother received a phone call from an old friend of hers, a union activist like her, who told her: “I am very impressed because your son, with this gesture, is continuing our battles”. His emotion and mine told me that everything I have done in my life, even this choice, is the result of the atmosphere I breathed in that family, of the safe refuge I had, of the example given by them who are two respectable people. , simple, healthy, open and even courageous ».

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