Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots on set: director of photography killed

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It had to be a prop weapon and therefore harmless that it handles from Alec Baldwin on the set. Evidently it was not and a tragedy occurred during the filming of the western film Rust, in production in New Mexico. According to the first reconstruction, the actor, protagonist and co-producer of the film, he would have unloaded and handled the weapon at the end of a few shots. Shots were fired from the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins, 42, director of photography, and wounded director Joel Souza, 48.

The woman died of her injuries on arrival at the hospital, the man is hospitalized in serious condition a Santa Fe.

No accusations have yet been formalized, but the case is under investigation. Witnesses say the 68-year-old actor in shock said in tears: “It was an accident, it was an accident.” The area county sheriff said that Hutchins e Souza “They were shot when Baldwin unloaded a gun used in the shooting of the film.”

The film in progress is a western, Rust, written and directed by Joel Souza. Tell the story outlaw Harland Rust, who has to help his 13-year-old nephew sentenced to hang for murder. All the cast and production are shocked. The 911 call came in at 1:50 pm local time. It is investigated by accident.


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