Alec Baldwin: He poses smiling with his 6 children for Halloween a few days after the tragedy

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THE Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) smiles at Halloween family photos posted by his wife Hillary on her Instagram account. “Being a parent in this process was an intense experience, at least,” the 37-year-old wrote.

The posting of the photos comes a few days after The famous actor accidentally shot and killed the director of the movie Rust, Halina Hutchins.

In the photos is 63-year-old Baldwin with his six children with Hillary, all in Halloween costumes.

“Today we tried to give them a party,” Hillary wrote of her children. “Last minute costumes; but they were so happy.” “Happy Halloween from the Baldwinitos,” he added.

The 5 photos and one video posted on Instagram include two family pictures, in which Alec Baldwin is smiling, while he is disguised.

In another photo, Hillary poses glamorously with her daughters, 8-year-old Carmen and just 8-month-old Maria Lucia Victoria, all dressed in black like spiders.

The photos were posted a day later Baldun’s statements to reporters for the first time since the accident in which she lost her life 42-year-old Halina Hutchins, whom the actor called his girlfriend.

Earlier on Sunday, the famous actor’s wife had posted a photo with their hands clasped in a tender moment. “I love you and I’m there,” she wrote, sending her message to Baldwin about the difficult times she is going through.

However, according to Page Six, officials have so far refused to rule out the possibility of accusing the actor of shooting during the shooting of the film, confirming that Alec Baldwin is “an active part of this investigation.”

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