Alec Baldwin, investigations continue: “Criminal charges not ruled out.” And check a photo

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novel testimonials, new revelations and even a photo from the set. The investigations of the authorities continue unabated Santa Fe regarding the case of Alec Baldwin, that last week accidentally shot with a prop gun while shooting the film Rust, resulting in the death of the director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and the wounding of the director, Joel Souza: the American actor, a few days ago, released one short statement in which he expressed his pain for what happened, then canceled all professional commitments and closed in total silence.

In the meantime, however, the investigators they brought some to the surface sensational information. The first concerns the assistant director Dave Halls, that – according to what was stated by the authorized pyrotechnics Maggie Goll – would have already been sued in the past for ignoring security protocols related to weapons. As his role predicts, he would be the one to scream on set «unloaded gun», reassuring everyone about the safety of the weapon. Which instead, in that case, he had in the barrel two real bullets: but for what reason, during the takes of a film, they are not only used blank cartridges?

Alec Baldwin, one of the last photos on the set of Rust

The answer comes from the portal TMZ, according to which some members of the crew used to pass the time playing shooting gallery with empty cans. So it comes into play Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, responsible for the arms of soli 24 years, which – even more so given the dangerous habit of some of his colleagues – he should have checked that gun was discharged before passing it to Halls. Following the thread of the reasoning, one wonders why to one so young girl a task of similar responsibility is assigned: the reason, it seems, is economic.

Yes, because the budget made available for Rust really was derisory by the standards of Hollywood, enough to push some more experienced professionals to refuse the commitment. It therefore remains to be understood what they risk the protagonists of this sad story: including Baldwin, considering that – in addition to having pulled the trigger – is also a co-producer of this western. “They have not been excluded criminal chargesHe said Juan Rios, spokesman for the Santa Fe Sheriff, speaking with The Post. «I read too much on the internet, if anyone has something to report on the story, please tell us ».

«Information about which we can then check validity. To thus ensure the integrity of the investigation that they will go on for a while longer, with a methodical and diligent approach ». To date, according to rumors coming from United States, Baldwin would be relieved of all consequences for criminal negligence (so no manslaughter), but it could still have serious civil troubles as a co-producer. In the coming days, a press conference by the authorities is scheduled to take stock and understand – even if it is only the beginning – who risks what.


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