Alec Baldwin: The tragic incident that reminded us of the death of Brandon Lee on the set of “Crow”

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The tragic event filming Western Rust with Alec Baldwin accidentally shooting and killing director Alina Hutchins and seriously injuring director Joel Souza, inevitably brings to mind the death of Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon on the set of “Crow.”

The actor was fatally wounded by a shot, in a case that still remains dark today. The young actor passed away on March 31, 1993 in hospital where he was transported with multiple injuries after being shot by Funboy, played by actor Michael Massey.

The cases of Alina Hutchins and Brandon Lee were not the first with people in the cinema losing their lives on duty.

Who was Brandon Lee?

Brandon Bruce Lee was born in 1965 in California and was the first child of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and Professor Linda Lee Candwell. He lived in Hong Kong until he was 8 and after the death of his father, he moved with his mother and sister to the USA.

From a young age he wanted to become an actor. He did not want to be as involved in action movies as his father. But with his name following him like a heavy shadow, he started his career from them. He made his film debut in 1986, Kung Fu: The Movie. In the same year he participated in the action film Legacy of Rage (1986) in Hong Kong. Brandon Lee had also rejected the proposal to play his father in the movie “Dragon: The Life of Bruce Lee”.

Brandon Lee

With the film Snowdown in Little Tokyo (1991), it is officially introduced to the American public. In 1992 he won the leading role in the American film Rapid Fire.

In mid-1992, Brandon Lee accepted an offer to star in Australian director Alex Progia’s “The Crow.” The film is based on the James O Bar comic book of the same name.

Brandon Lee in the movie The Crow

The tragic day of Crow shooting

Koraki’s filming began in February 1993. By March 31, 1993, it was almost complete and there were only a few days left for Lee to finish filming. But that night was to be fatal.

They were filming a scene in North Carolina, where the protagonist Eric Draven – Brandon Lee – is shot by Funboy, played by the actor Michael Massey. In this scene, Brandon Lee was actually shot by his co-star with a bullet seriously injuring him.

At first, the crew and the other actors assumed he was playing the role. But they quickly realized that the actor had suffered serious injuries to his abdomen and spine. He was taken to Wilmington Regional Medical Center, where he underwent six hours of surgery. Brandon Lee was pronounced dead on March 31, 1993, at 1:00 am, at the age of 28.

Koraki was shown in theaters on May 13, 1994 and became a huge box office success. The production company had to decide whether the film would end. It took only a total of eight days of filming to complete. Brandon Lee’s family did not object to the completion of the film.

In order to complete it, the script was rewritten at some point. The directors used actor Chad Stachelsky as Lee’s replacement in the rest of the scenes, as well as many visual effects.

Brandon Lee in the movie The Crow

The North Carolina prosecutor investigated the causes of Brandon Lee’s death and concluded that it was a negligent homicide. According to him, the police investigation did not bring any evidence of a criminal offense. He did not prosecute anyone involved in the filming or production company.

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