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Alec Baldwin trial over ‘Rust’ movie death begins Tuesday

The trial of actor Alec Baldwin for manslaughter following the death of the director of photography on the set of the film “Rust” will begin this Tuesday (9).

Halyna Hutchins was shot on location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the film was being filmed. The director of photography was setting up one of the cameras while Baldwin was rehearsing a scene. The actor fired the loaded gun at Hutchins.

The “30 Rock” star has denied responsibility for Hutchins’ death, saying the gun went off on its own. He denies pulling the trigger, a claim that has become central to the case.

Gunsmith “Rust” Hannah Gutierrez, who mistakenly loaded a live round into the revolver, was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced in April to 18 months in prison. Baldwin faces the same charges.

The allegations against Baldwin were initially dropped in April 2023 after new evidence emerged. But in January of this year the criminal case against the actor was reinstated and he was charged again with manslaughter.

A subsequent request by the actor to have the charge dismissed because the gun in question was damaged during testing by the FBI was denied.

Jury selection is due to begin on Tuesday (9), followed by opening statements on Wednesday (10), in the trial expected to last nine days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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