Alessandra Amoroso: “I don’t want to have limits anymore”

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Alessandra Amoroso come back with Everything Happens, his seventh unreleased album (Epic / Sony Music). Twelve years have passed since his entry into the world of discography with Cloudless, but that little girl who always smiles, who puts enthusiasm in everything she does, who lives for her people, her big Big Family of fans, is always there. What is no longer there is instead the part of oneself that was afraid. Fear of pleasure, of accepting oneself, of being enough: “I am no longer afraid of anything, fear is limiting and I no longer want to have limits”. The singer from Lecce in these new 14 songs finds herself happy, proud, independent, giving her audience songs that reconfirm the style of the past, in knowing how to speak with the heart in emotional ballads, but also that tell this new version of herself, through experimentation in sounds and words.

After Great Smile that accompanied the last summer, we find A road to happiness that marks the direction of happiness, A sense and a reward in which he brings out his courage, What does it taste like showing its Mediterranean side. Then the intense Useless song, already destined to become the most sung of the album that competes with emotionality All the things I know, dedicated to a grandmother who is no longer there and who is so missing “She appeared to me in a dream, my change starts from there”. As far as Everything Happens, the song that gives the title to the album, which closes the disc, also available on vinyl, in a full of energy and already knows next summer.

A mix of past and future, joy and introspection, self-search and love, which comes through important collaborations, some of which have always been present, just think of Federica Camba or Daniele Coro, who have also signed Immobile, his first success, but also Roberto Casalino, Daniele Magro or Dario Faini. And Federico Zampaglione, Giordana Angi, Federica Abbate, Rocco Hunt, Davide Petrella, Cheope, Viriginio Simonelli, Antonio Iammarino and Fabio Gargiulo. Production is entrusted to Katoo, Takagi and Ketra and Faini himself.

Everything happens it is a record that looks inside, that talks about important things, that makes Alessandra look at the world with new eyes “I don’t mean it as a return, it’s my desire to tell myself in another way, going deeper”. Two years of pandemic that have stopped everything, but have set in motion her who, finding herself locked in the house, has faced her “monsters”. A relationship ended behind, a need to try to feel good alone. The fear of the dark, the fear of emptiness, the analysis that welcomes and accompanies and makes her understand that two people live together who have not been talking to each other for years. The stage girl and the private girl now learn to live together. To love each other. To become one, or many. And this happens. Today Alessandra is happy, but really happy. Of himself, who in his home in Rome has his puppy Pablo and his housewife dimension and who, as soon as he can, runs to Lecce to his family and his granddaughter Andrea «We do magic with our eyes, we talk to angels, we do things that are our own. I would like my part of a child that I recently rediscovered to grow up with her “. She is satisfied with herself, who in these two years has concentrated all her energies in this new musical work, taking care of choosing everything, from graphics to production, from photos to communication.

Everything happens it is her growing up, discovering that the most important love is for herself. Because when you are comfortable with yourself, you are also comfortable with others. And the desire to share becomes even stronger. Perhaps also for this “I think about San Siro every day. I can’t wait for July 13, 2022 to arrive. It is my dream come true, I will celebrate my life in music with the people who have been with me ». It will be his 200th concert, the first in a stadium. It will be a great celebration, where the song AleAleAle it already resounds like a hymn from the stands. It will be a party. His.

In the meantime, Alessandra will start meeting fans on an Instore Tour. 16 stages around Italy, starting from 22 October in Milan.

The tracklist: Great SmileAleAleAle – Useless Song – Feather – The need I have for you – A sense and a reward – What it tastes like – I see you from the outside – An impression – All times – A road to happiness – Our time – All things I know – Everything happens


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