Upstart Calculator 1.09

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Upstart Calculator will definitely make you think a little wider. A distinctive feature of the calculator is that the limit of its capabilities depends on the user’s imagination. Using it is no more difficult than a barbell, and the effect of using it can surpass the result of a barbell used by a bodybuilder.

Most of the processes are automated and logically organized. You can perform a huge amount of calculations with one click. All you need to do this is to write a solution to the problem that can include an unlimited number of variables (values ​​for which you can enter directly during execution), functions (which you can create yourself), arrays and your constants. The result will be received as you want it to be (including intermediate results and related information), and saved in history.

But if you want a basic calculator, be prepared to take the time to explore its full potential. Without a doubt, possessing this knowledge, you will return the time spent with a large margin.

It’s hard to imagine a calculator without the ability to store a number in a memory location. But there are 10 + 2 cells with the ability to access them from the formula, round off the value, add comments and return the previous value if you made a false action.

How about two calculators for the price of one? You can open a second calculator and do parallel calculations, very conveniently. And of course, your calculations will (or not) be saved in history.

In the history log, you can use keyword search, if necessary, because flipping through 1000 records is quite long and tedious. But what if you need to get the sum of several results? It couldn’t be easier, just mark the required items and select the desired operation from the menu. And if you decide to change your phone, import / export will help you transfer history to a new device.

And although not everything has been implemented according to the intention of the developers, the calculator can already take its place among your most needed programs.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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