Berberè reaches 15 (restaurants). Here are the new autumn pizzas

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Wonderful new pizzas – according to everyone the one with tuna, sauteed red onion, fiordilatte, green sauce and black olive powder and oregano, one of the best – and a 15th place, the 5th in Milan, in via Carlo Porta 4 ( Porta Romana). Berberé doesn’t stop, but if you ask Matteo Aloefounder of Berberè with his brother Salvatore – the secret of their success does not answer and changes the subject, probably because someone is not so willing to indulge in easy flattery, because, as he tells us, “we come from a peasant culture”, where, we add, the work is done, well if you want it to succeed, and without too much time to congratulate.

Having said that, in fact, Berberè is a great success with offices open throughout Italy, one also in London that grinds pizzas the same as those served here, and an unwavering faith in the product.
Because returning to the aforementioned pizza, the tuna is Callipo, a brand of sustainability in fishing, the fiordilatte is that of Agerola and so on, the flours are chosen, and often organic, the tomatoes are paid the right, up to the wines – from always natural (and excellent) – and to beers from small artisan producers.

Effectively the Aloe brothers have never pursued success but quality, the simple desire to do something good in the kitchen and start – from scratch – with pizza. “It was our luck”, says Matteo, “Because we had to ask ourselves everything and learn everything: we spent the first year rehearsing, then we opened our first restaurant just outside Bologna, people came in and out because we didn’t have the Coca Cola”. “And now you have it?”, “No, we haven’t changed our mind about what we want to offer: a great pizza”, he says, because “in the end, the only thing that matters is: if people come, they like pizza. , the service is nice, the place is nice, in short, if it is fine, then come back. Otherwise no, apart from all the theory you can put into it ».

We also like theory very much (as the Aloe brothers like, who leave nothing to chance and who constantly go around their premises and their 180 employees, who they know one by one) and we like the idea of ​​a new restaurant that is also ethical, that respects and enhances a product that respects the environment and society.

Having said that, the pizzas at the new Berberé – which has been growing its own sourdough since 2010 !, but that’s another story, together with the 24-hour slow leavening – are superb. Here they are:

– Tuna and green sauce as mentioned: with Callipo reserve tuna fillets, sauteed red onion, fiordilatte d’Agerola, green sauce, black olive powder and oregano

All RIghts Reserved www.albertoblasetti.comAlberto Blasetti

– Black cabbage superlative and unexpected: with sautéed black cabbage, stewed leeks, fiordilatte d’Agerola, mustard, Vezzena d’alpeggi cheese

All RIghts Reserved www.albertoblasetti.comAlberto Blasetti

– Cottobosco with wood-fired ham, sauteed mixed mushrooms, taleggio cheese, fiordilatte d’Agerola and parsley

All RIghts Reserved www.albertoblasetti.comAlberto Blasetti

– Speck and potatoes with Speck from Alto Adige, natural gorgonzola, fiordilatte d’Agerola, mashed potatoes in extra virgin olive oil

Montanarina of Berberé

Alberto Blasetti

And then there is the very seasonal one Pumpkin and Mushrooms, and then the wonderful classics of tradition until Fried Montanarine (in 4 flavors). In short, dinner can be long and full of satisfaction, the new restaurant is casual with taste (you can see it in the photos below) and pizza is always our favorite dish.

Writer’s note: thanks for the big “PULL” AND “PUSH” written on the bathroom doors, one less problem to ask.


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