Alessandra Amoroso: “What a thrill my first stage”

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Alessandra Amoroso announces her first concert at San Siro for 13 July 2022. She does so by telling of a little girl who sang in front of the mirror holding the lacquer in her hand, as a microphone. Who did not in the least think that music could become his life. “I was 22 when my life was turned upside down. It started as a game, to take a week off in the shop where I worked “. The specimen of Friends, the victory in 2009. The beginning of an adventure in music is not always easy «I often felt inopportune, I didn’t feel ready for anything», until now that everything has changed.

“This last period, which we have all experienced, has helped me to focus on myself. It gave me the opportunity to look at the Ale of the past. If I look at myself today I see a young woman who has always been true to herself. I am very proud and I am no longer afraid of letting the girl who has been successful and has to go on stage live together with the one who is vacuuming the house. I have experienced a constant struggle within me, but today there is acceptance. Today I am ready, very ready ». 47 platinum records, over two and a half million copies sold, 8 tours and 199 concerts. San Siro will be number 200.

“A few years have passed and new music has been added every year. Making the lineup will be a mess, I know that my audience is very fond of some songs and I have presented them on every tour, in all sauces. I’ll have to put everything they want to hear, who knows, maybe I’ll do a poll with the fanclub. I want to make everyone happy and I want them to relive my journey, together with me. I don’t think about anything else, I can’t wait to sing in front of my people, my family, all those who have believed in me for thirteen years ».

The concert event, organized by Friends & Partners, will be called Everything happens in San Siro and it will be a journey from the very beginning, on a big stage that will have the intention to amaze. «In my head everything is already clear, I have thought of everything, even the scenography. I just have to sit down at a table with whoever will make it. I think about this stage every day ». There is no longer any fear, but only a great desire to live that day «I would really like it to become a symbol of restart, that all this becomes just a memory. Those who have worked with me have always been there, they have lived through the good and bad times, we have been standing still for two years. Already working together in these days has been wonderful, a miracle ». She is the second Italian woman to perform at San Siro, after Laura Pausini, for the first time fifteen years ago. «It makes you think. Music has no genre, but I would like to pass the relay to many other very talented women who have been making music for a long time. Hope to bring fortuna».

An important stage, which seems almost a point of arrival. “It is not. After San Siro? I dream of many other stadiums».

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