Erdogan arrived in the Occupied Territories of Cyprus

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In Cyprus is the Recep Tayyip Erdogan who arrived at the airport of Tympos, in the occupied areas, at 3 noon on Monday.

The President of Turkey is expected to make announcements during the meeting of the so-called “Parliament” of the TRNC, which is the first stop of his two-day visit to the occupied territories.

According to ERT, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after his speech in the “Parliament”, is scheduled to attend a short meeting at the “Presidential” and then, in the afternoon, to go to Buyuk Khan where he will have a meeting with young people, as the Turkish Vice President, Fuat Oktay, had done a few days ago.

In the meeting of Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, the latest developments in the eastern Mediterranean and the whole range of Turkey-pseudo-state relations will be discussed. In addition, the Turkish president and the Turkish Cypriot leader will attend a ceremony for the inauguration of infrastructure projects that have been completed in the Occupied Territories.

“We are in favor of a solution two equals, sovereign states. Because we spent 40-50 years with their words and we could not have any results. Now this era is over, it is closed. From now on, a solution of two sovereign, equal states. We do not accept the narrative about the minority. “There is no such issue,” said Tayyip Erdogan earlier.

At a press conference at Istanbul airport – shortly before leaving for the occupied territories – Mr Erdogan was also asked about “good news“Who will announce and urge the journalists to wait for his speech in the” parliament “” because if I say it here, my speech will be lost “.

Athens is waiting for the announcements

THE Athena, in open line with Nicosia, awaits the final announcements of the Turkish President in order to proceed with an appropriate reaction if there are reports that are in conflict with the principles of International Law and the decisions of the UN Security Council.

It is noted that the Greek Defense Minister pays a two-day visit to Cyprus from today, while on Wednesday he will be on the island and Foreign Minister, after his visit to Israel.

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