Alessandro Gassmann: “I can’t wait to call my son a doctor”

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Alessandro Gassmann turns into philosophy teachers in fiction A professor by Alessandro D’Alatri (on Rai 1 from 11 November). But be careful, he is not one like many. “Dante is the teacher that all the kids would like to have and that I would have liked to have as a student”, confesses Gassmann in the presiding room of the Liceo Mamiani in Rome, “this is why my school career was very bad: I was terrified of school, of interrogations and the punitive system. Today, they tell me, that something has changed, but there are many other problems that emerged during the pandemic ».

You imagine the father’s reaction Alessandro when he came home with bad grades? «My father’s reactions were quite terrifying: you can only imagine Vittorio Gassmann in his voice, dressed in Vittorio Gassmann and who spoke like in a terror movie. ‘ Alessandro had some favorite subjects: “History and geography, I also enrolled in agriculture, but then things, as everyone knows, went differently”.

But let’s go back to the fiction and the prof that everyone would like to meet. “Dante is an intelligent man who has the ability not to stand up on the pedestal as a pedestal, but to get off the desk and to be on the same level as the pupils», Tells us the actor who is now shooting a Netflix movie in which he plays the part of the killer. “He is not interested in judging rather in listening, which is one of the most important tasks of the school ». Dante is as good as a professor, as bad as Simone’s father (his student), with whom he has a conflictual relationship that perhaps will heal during the various episodes of the series.

Alessandro Gassman and his students in fiction A professor (Photo by Anna Camerlingo).

Anna Camerlingo

For the part of prof Gassmann, in addition to the books of philosophy, he entrusted himself to his son Leo. «For me he is a source of inspiration, I have a daily relationship with him, I like him because he is a boy curious about life, he is a good listener. You learn a lot from today’s twenties, they are very different from my generation, they are knowledgeable and better at many things. I hope that in the near future we can give more space to young people and their ideas ».

About Leo, is preparing to return to Sanremo (in 2020 he won in the category New proposals with the song That’s okay)? We ask dad Alessandro. “I don’t know if it will go to Sanremo, I just know he’s writing the songs for the new album and that in December he has an important appointment with the degree in Psychology and international affairs. I am proud of him, everything he has done is the result of his study and his talent. Can’t wait to call him doctor».


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