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Alessia Marcuzzi will conduct Boomerissima (for the return to Rai after 25 years)

Alessia Marcuzzi will conduct Boomerissima (for the return to Rai after 25 years)

Alessia Marcuzzi is ready, indeed very ready, to start a new television adventure. After 25 years at Mediaset, the presenter opens another chapter in her career. Her name is Boomerissima and it is a show arriving from November 22nd in the prime time of Rai Due. The subtitle is: Boomer vs Millennials, Parents vs Influencers: the great game of generations and memories. In practice, it is a dip into the past with a nostalgia flavor that traces a period between the 1970s and 2000s, telling and comparing uses, customs, fashions and trends.

In short, the idea is to create a bridge between parents and children, a topic that he knows very well even from his mother: Tommaso is 21 years old (son of Filippo Inzaghi) and Mia (born from the relationship with Francesco Facchinetti) instead 10. The age difference between his boys is already an indication of different generations and therefore a reason home-inspired.

Personal experience becomes collective in this show that promises surprises and wonders for the return of Alessia Marcuzzi in grand style in Rai. During the presentation event of the schedules in Milan many news were shared, including this original idea of ​​the presenter, which was immediately welcomed by the top management with great enthusiasm. Stefano Coletta, director of primetime entertainment, tells it, but he specified that the contract with the presenter is linked only and exclusively to this show.

Among the female appearances in the new season, other new faces such as Ilaria D’Amico (at the helm of What’s newbroadcast on Thursday evening) and historical figures of Rai programs such as Elisa Isoardi (from 10 September on Rai Tre with I would like to tell you that…).

The news includes the talk by Cristiano Malgiogliofrom 1 December on Rai tre with Mi casa es tu casa (homage to Raffaella Carrà’s cult program You begin to tell). Always on the same network from November 19 arrives Five easy piecesa tribute to the deceased screenwriter Mattia Torre under the artistic direction and direction of the Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino. Alessandro Cattelan dominates the second evening three times from 13 September with epccsuraidue. They are the protagonists of the selfies in the stories of Alessia Marcuzzi, already very close with the team of new colleagues.

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