Alessia Marcuzzi, with Francesco Facchinetti and the extended family for Mia’s 10 years

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Each year brings with it a special event: the reunion of an extended family, which has made its heart out of love for little Mia. Alessia Marcuzzi e Francesco Facchinetti, whose separation dates back to 2013, they wanted to celebrate together the daughter’s tenth birthday. In Sudtirol, each with their children and new loves, they celebrated «As one big family». Facchinetti, who on Instagram explained that he was expecting his wife, Wilma, and his son, Leone, arrived in the Dolomites together with his daughter Liv, his father and brothers.

Alessia Marcuzzi, in the mountains, brought her husband, Paolo Calabresi Marconi, the eldest son, Tommaso Inzaghi, and parents.

“Our big family, almost complete, to celebrate Mia’s tenth birthday,” Roby Facchinetti wrote online, sharing one of the many photos that his son and ex-daughter-in-law have published. Marcuzzi and the talent scout immortalized the big party with happy images: group photos, of a nucleus in which the fate of a couple has little to do with affection and the role of parent. “It’s funny enough, because in the same room, there can be me, my wife, my father, my father’s second wife, my mom, my ex girlfriend, her current partner and the father of my ex’s first child. fiancée: all love and agree! These are things that can happen, adults and mature people must be able to put aside disagreements and negativities and think about the good of their children, ”Facchinetti explained in a recent interview.

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