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Alexandre Pires’ businessman is removed from his position

The events company Opus Entertainment reported on Wednesday night (06) that it removed businessman Matheus Possebon from his activities at the company until the investigations are completed. According to the note, Possebon acted as a service provider in organizing shows, tours and career management, without participating in the company’s partnership.

Within the company, Possebon took care of the schedules of artists such as Seu Jorge, Ana Carolina, Daniel, Mauricio Manieri, Victor and Léo, Jotaquest, Claudia Leite, as well as Alexandre Pires.

The businessman was arrested by the Federal Police last Monday morning (4), in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, shortly after getting off the cruise where singer Alexandre Pireso was performing a series of shows. Matheus Possebon was taken to the PF unit and will be detained preventively.

Alexandre Pires and Matheus are being investigated by the Federal Police for their alleged involvement in an illegal mining scheme on Yanomami lands. The artist would have received at least R$1 million from a mining company under investigation. Both deny the accusations.

Operation Golden Disc

The Operation was named Golden Disc and complied with warrants issued by the 4th Federal Court of the Judiciary Section of Roraima.

Among the crimes investigated is money laundering. The police tracked the financial movements of a mining company under investigation and reached bank accounts, like the singer’s. The network would also include aircraft pilots, fuel stations and machine shops.

To comply with the search order, PF teams went to a cruise where Alexandre Pires was performing, on the coast of Santos, this Monday. The information was published by the Metrópoles portal and confirmed by CNN.

What Alexandre Pires’ defense says

In a statement, Alexandre Pires’ lawyer, Dr. Luiz Flávio Borges D’Urso, issued a statement stating that “the singer Alexandre Pires does not and has never had any involvement with mining or ore extraction, much less in an indigenous area”. Read the singer’s defense note in full:

“As a lawyer for the singer and composer Alexandre Pires, we publicly, in view of the news published by the media in general, clarify that the singer Alexandre Pires does not and has never had any involvement with mining or mineral extraction, much less in an indigenous area. . We highlight that the aforementioned singer and composer is one of the most important references in Brazilian music, having a long and impeccable artistic career. Alexandre Pires was taken by surprise by the recent Federal Police operation that unduly involved his name.
Finally, we emphasize that singer and composer Alexandre Pires never committed any offense, which will be duly demonstrated during the investigations, reiterating his confidence in the Brazilian justice system.”

What Matheus Possebon’s defense says

The defense of businessman Matheus Possebon denies any relationship between his professional performance and the Federal Police operation. Read the businessman’s defense note in full:

“The arrest of Matheus Possebon is violence. It was decreed due to a single financial transaction with a company with which Matheus has no commercial relationship. Even more serious, the arrest took place without Matheus being able to even clarify the transaction. The defense, however, is certain that this violence will be promptly undone, and that Matheus will be able, in freedom, to prove that he has nothing to do with the investigation.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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