Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she was the victim of sexual violence

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Born in 1989, born and raised in the Bronx neighborhood of New York, US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Valley Central TV that she was victim of sexual assault in the past. No further details on the episode in question, only the pain and the impossibility of forgetting it: “I suffered a sexual assault and I haven’t talked about it to many people in my life but when you suffer a trauma, the past ones emerge.

A far to recall the trauma of the violence suffered by the young Democrat was the assault on the US Capitol of last January 6th. A few hours ago, with a live Instagram followed by over 150 thousand people (whose video is now available on the Twitter account of Justice Democrats), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez she remembered in tears the moment she realized that the US Congress building had been targeted by a violent mob made up of Donald Trump’s most extremist supporters. Hidden in the toilet of her office, paralyzed with fear, the deputy believed she had come to a showdown: “I thought it was all over, that my time had come. I was sure I would die “.

And even if nothing more is known of the sexual violence to which Alexandra refers, a shower of comments and thanks for his courage in speaking of a very delicate and painful episode, helping to tear the veil on a subject still too often considered taboo.

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