Alice has been updated in the Yandex application: she can read text from a web page

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Yandex has updated the search application, which makes it easier to communicate with the voice assistant Alice. Now you can ask her to read text on a web page aloud, set a reminder, show a to-do list, or access app features.

Alice reads the contents of open pages on the Internet. It can be recipes, which is very convenient during cooking. To do this, you just need to say: “Alice, read the page.” In addition, the voice assistant has access to frequently used functions, such as playing music, switching tracks, making calls to contacts from the phone book, and so on.

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Alice’s interface has also been updated in the Yandex application, which has learned to adapt to different content. If you need more space on the smartphone screen for content, it changes shape, and from the window you can go to a chat with an assistant.

The head of the Yandex and Yandex Browser application, Dmitry Timko, noted that millions of users communicate with Alice every day, who use her to solve everyday tasks. Thus, it has become an integral part of life.

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