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Alice Wegmann on overwork: “I took two doses of adrenaline”

The actress Alice Wegmann 28, made a statement on social media about the exhausting routines of those who work in the audiovisual industry. On her Instagram profile, last Sunday (8), the actress took advantage of a question from an internet user about her professional achievement and shared her own near-death experience.

“Do you still feel challenged and fulfilled in your work?” asked the follower. “Most of the time, yes, I love doing what I do, I am grateful and privileged to be able to live off art in a country that does not value its own culture as much,” the artist began in her response.

Immediately afterwards, Wegmann, who is in the cast of “Justiça 2” and “Senna”, gave details about what he had already seen behind the scenes.

“I’ve seen 5 people from different areas crying on the same set due to lack of organization, I’ve had my heart beating at 31 bpm and I’ve taken two doses of atropine (adrenaline) to revive it, I’ve questioned the excessive working hours in the audiovisual industry a lot,” she continued. Despite the disappointment and lack of consistency, Alice assured that, as long as she can, she will “live this passion.”

Alice Wegmann opens up about her professional routine

Dating businessman Matheus Seixas, the actress recently said that she met him in an unlikely way, all because of a delicious bread – a Bahian delicacy that she is passionate about.

She was at a friend’s house, who introduced her to the sweet treat. “The next day I said: ‘Wow, the delicious bread was really good’, and he said: ‘Man, you’re going to like the guy who makes it’, he owns the delicious bread company”, she said in an interview with In Palma da Mari .

After the colleague made the connection for the two to have their first contact, the couple started talking and the relationship began during Carnival.

Watch the full interview:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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