Alicia Keys, in concert in Assago, spread frequencies and vibrations from Girl on fire

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Thanks to his constant meditation practice to which he also attributes the ability to make her feel at ease, and beautiful, when she presents herself to the world: “Meditation makes me feel at ease, I visualize what I have to let go in order to realize and manifest what I want to be and what I have to remove to get there. Most of the time it’s the feeling of not being able to do it. Eliminating doubts helps me. When I withdraw into my spiritual practice I wonder what I have to accept, and many times the answer is to be who I already am: peace, stillness, or energy, strength. This is how I feel more confident, wondering who I am and what I want. This is the emotional, mental and spiritual work to prepare me. If we talk about the physical aspect, I do physical activity, which makes me feel more proud of myself. Then I love a good facial and at home I use a facial steamer with my Soulcare Keys serum, and I finish with ice. So a nice glow appears on my face. But it all starts from the spiritual side ».

The spirituality that permeates every aspect of his life seemed to be precisely the leitmotiv also in his Italian concert, which in the first part was dedicated to selected songs from the last album. Keys, from experimental and electronic music, as she said, «unlocked», in emulation of sounds and visions as if arriving from another dimension, impregnated with frequencies and vibrations of her soul. Mood made even more explicit by the sets of lights and sidereal and cosmic images.

Alicia Keys with her aura infused the audience with positive energy at different frequencies for the duration of the concert, which exploded when the star arrived to perform her classics, Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down, a Fallin, Girl on fire, Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless), And No one, and started on singalong.

In the varied and engaging lineup, the same one that the star proposed in the various stages of his tour, there were: Nat King Cole, Truth Without Love, You Don’t Know My Name, Wasted Energy, Time Machine, Karma Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready), So Done, 3 Hour Drive, Show Me Love, Diary, Piano Interlude by Alicia Keys’ son Egypt (Interlude), LALA (Unlocked), The Beginning (Interlude), The Gospel, Plentiful, Nobody (DJ Khaled cover), Skydive, Is It Insane, Only You, Authors of Forever, Unbreakable, My Boo (Usher song), City of Gods (Part II), Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down, Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, Girl on Fire, Superwoman, Dead End Road, Fallin ‘, In Common, Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless ), Underdog, No One, Like You’ll Never See Me Again
If I Ain’t Got You.

Arriving at the last pieces, the atmosphere was now very hot and exciting, so much so that in the end the singer greeted Milan, encouraging those present “to bring out this love, this energy and this frequency and spread it out“. Moral: «I love you!», Alicia concluded.

Source: Vanity Fair

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