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“All eyes on Rafa”: Bombing continues, UN draft resolution

Israel's armed forces continued today to shell Rafah, on the southern tip of the Gaza Strip, where they have deployed armored vehicles, while a draft resolution is being drawn up at the UN to stop the “carnage” after Sunday's deadly shelling of a displaced persons camp that sparked outrage. In the early hours of the morning, an AFP team reported new shelling in Rafah, while eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli tanks in various sectors of the city, which has now become the epicenter of the Israel-Hamas war. “People are trying to stay at home or in their accommodation as much as possible for now because anyone who moves is targeted by Israeli drone fire,” said resident Abdel Khatib. The Civil Protection of the Gaza Strip announced yesterday the death of 21 people in a new Israeli bombardment of a displaced persons' camp, two days after a similar one that sparked a global outcry. While, almost eight months after the devastating war began, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting at the request of […]
Source: News Beast

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