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Mexico: A candidate in the municipal elections was murdered, a second one was injured

A candidate in the municipal elections in the Mexican state of Morelos was murdered on Tuesday, while a second person was injured in the state of Jalisco, the authorities announced. The attacks came less than twenty-four hours before the June 2 election, the largest in Mexican history, in which citizens will be called upon to elect a president and more than 20,000 elected officials at the federal, state and local levels. The election campaign was marked by dozens of attacks, attributed to organized crime gangs, against candidates, around thirty of whom were murdered, according to the organization Data Cívica. Officially, the government counts 22 candidate murders. In Morelos, a candidate in the municipal elections in the city of Cuautla, Ricardo Arismendi died when, according to media reports, he was hit by five bullets in the head before the two assailants fled on a motorcycle. In Jalisco, Hilberto Palomar, a candidate for the office of mayor of the city of Encarnacion de Dias, was wounded by four bullets inside a house while preparing a campaign appearance with two of his associates, according to […]
Source: News Beast

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